Blind Chance Card Trick

by Nick Trost/Ed Marlo/Bob Longe


The magician places a prediction card face down on the table, and gives the deck to the spectator. The spectator is asked to take the deck behind his back, remove any card, place it face up on the top, and cut the deck. The deck is then brought forward. The magician spread through the cards, and finds the spectator's face up card. He then has the spectator turn over his prediction card. They are mates!


  1. Start the trick by spreading the cards so that only you can see their faces.
  2. Secretly reverse the fifth card from the bottom of the deck, memorizing its value. As you flip the fifth card, misdirect the audience by asking for a volunteer.
  3. Continue spreading through the cards until you find the mate of the card you turned over. For example, if you turned over the Nine of Hearts, find the Nine of Diamonds.
  4. When you find the mate, pull it out and place it face down on the table away from you. Announce that it is your prediction card. If you want, allow another spectator to place his finger on it.
  5. Now square up the deck, and hand it to your volunteer.
  6. Guide the volunteer so that he is beside you, facing the audience. No one should be able to see behind his back.
  7. Instruct your voltuneer to hold the deck behind his back. Tell him to spread through the cards, pull one out, turn it face up, and place it on top of the deck.
  8. Then, ask the spectator to cut the deck and bring it forward.
  9. Now, take the deck and spread through it slowly and carefully.
  10. When you see the card you turned over from before, stop spreading. The spectator's actual card will be face up five cards below it.
  11. Pull out the "spectator's card" (actually the card you turned over from earlier), and set it on the table.
  12. If you want, you can spread the bottom of the deck, being careful not to reveal the spectator's actual selection.
  13. Now, have someone turn over the prediction card on the table. The cards should match.
  14. As the audience is in awe, casually turn over the face up card remaining in the deck.

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