Do As I Do (One Deck) Card Trick

by John Kurlak


The spectator cuts the deck anywhere, and then takes any half. The magician then takes the other half, spreads through it, pulls out a card, and puts it on the top of his packet. The spectator then spreads through her half, pulls out a card, and places it on the top of her packet. The magician and spectator switch halves, and the magician says, "We have done everything the same. We spread through our packets, we each selected a card, and we each put it on top. Now something funny happens when we switch packets. A little bit of my mind gets fused with your mind and vice-versa." On the count of three, the magician and the spectator each turn over the top card of the packet they are holding. The cards that are turned over match in color and value!


  1. Before the trick, find two cards with the same color and value (e.g., the Nine of Clubs and the Nine of Spades).
  2. Place one of the cards on the bottom of the pack and one of the cards on the top of the pack.
  3. Ask the spectator the cut the deck into two halves onto the table.
  4. Keep track of which half is the bottom half.
  5. Point to the bottom half and say, "One."
  6. Point to the top half and say, "Two."
  7. Ask the spectator the select "One" or "Two," performing a magician's force so that you end up with the original bottom half.
  8. Demononstrate what the spectator is to do next by spreading the cards face down in your hand.
  9. As you spread the cards, slide the bottom card underneath with the fingers of your palm down hand.
  10. Pull out the original bottom card from the spread as if you were selecting a card from the middle.
  11. Place the card on top of your pack without looking at it and set your pack on the table.
  12. Ask the spectator to do the same.
  13. When the spectator is finished, take the spectator's packet, and ask the spectator to take your packet.
  14. Explain to the spectator how doing the same actions and then switching packs caused your minds to fuse.
  15. Tell the spectator to turn over the top card in her pack on the count of three.
  16. Give the countdown, and when you reach three, perform a double turnover.
  17. Quickly perform the KM Move, and drop your card face up on the table.
  18. Call attention to the fact that the cards your turned over match in color and in value.

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