Dr. Daley's Last Trick Card Trick

by Dr. Jacob Daley


The magician places the two black Aces in the spectator's hands. The magician then asks the spectator where the Ace of Spades is. The spectator points to a card and then turns it over. It's the Ace of Diamonds! The spectator then turns over the other card, which is the Ace of Spades. The magician is still holding the two black Aces!


  1. Start by pulling out the four Aces.
  2. Order them so that, face up from top to bottom, you have the Ace of Clubs, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Spades, and Ace of Diamonds. Don't call attention to the order.
  3. Square up the Aces face up in your hand.
  4. Show the audience the Ace of Clubs, and turn the packet face down in your hand.
  5. Perform a glide, placing the supposed Ace of Clubs (actually the Ace of Hearts) face down into the spectator's hand.
  6. Perform a pinky pulldown, catching a pinky break above the bottom card in the packet.
  7. Now, perform a double turnover, showing the Ace of Spades.
  8. Turn the two cards back over as one, and deal the top card (the Ace of Diamonds), face down into the spectator's hand, next to the other card.
  9. Ask the spectator where the Ace of Spades is.
  10. Have him turn over the card he points to. It should be a red Ace!
  11. Have him turn over the other Ace, and then turn over the cards in your hand to reveal that you still have the black Aces.

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