Jack Attack Card Trick

by John Kurlak


The magician pulls out the two black Jacks and sets them aside. He then has the spectator select a card. The spectator's card is lost in the middle of the deck. Then, the magician takes the two black Jacks and places them on face up on top of the deck. In an instant, the bottom Jack disappears. Then, with a wave of the hand, the next Jack disappears. The magician spreads the cards, and the two Jacks are found to be surrounding one card: the spectator's card.


  1. Before the trick, remove the Jack of Clubs and the Jack of Spades. Place one on top of the deck and one on the bottom of the deck.
  2. Perform a bottom retention overhand shuffle, but draw only the top and bottom card for the first part of the shuffle. The effect is that the two Jacks end up on the bottom of the deck after the shuffle.
  3. Perform another bottom retention overhand shuffle, this time making sure to follow through with the shuffling until you are down the the last card, which you then drop on top. You should be left with a single Jack on top of the deck and a single Jack on the bottom of the deck.
  4. Now pinch the deck between your thumb on the top and your fingers on the bottom.
  5. Throw the deck to your other hand, retaining the top and bottom cards of the deck. You should be left with the Jacks in one hand and the deck in your other hand.
  6. Turn the Jacks face up, and explain that you will need the two black Jacks for the trick.
  7. Set the Jacks face up on the table.
  8. Now, spread the cards, asking the spectator to select one. Split the deck at the spot where the spectator removes his card.
  9. Ask the spectator to memorize his card.
  10. Next, have the spectator replace his card on top of the bottom half of the deck.
  11. Catch a pinky break above his card as you replace the top portion of the deck, burying his card in the center.
  12. Control the spectator's card to the top of the deck using your favorite method.
  13. Pick up the two Jacks from the table. As you pick up the Jacks, catch a pinky break below the top card (the spectator's card).
  14. Place the two Jacks face up on top of the deck.
  15. Lift up the packet of three cards from the deck in Biddle grip.
  16. Deal the top card of the packet face up on top of the deck. You should now have a single Jack face up on top of the deck. You should also be holding a Jack face up in your hand, with the spectator's card hidden below it face down.
  17. Place the packet of two cards, which you are holding as one, face up on top of the other Jack, but only cover half of it (injog the packet of two).
  18. Now, slide the packet of two forward so that only the top Jack is visible.
  19. Then, quickly slide just the top Jack backwards, leaving the spectator's card behind. It should look as if the bottom Jack disappeared.
  20. Explain the the first Jack is looking for the spectator's card.
  21. Now, perform a Herrmann pass with a wave of the hand, making the second Jack disappear.
  22. Explain that now both Jacks are looking for the spectator's card.
  23. Spread through the cards until you come to the two face up Jacks. The spectator's card should be face down between the Jacks. Have the spectator turn over the card.

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