The Most Difficult Card Trick in the World Card Trick

by John Mendoza


Two spectators each select a card. The magician splits the deck and has both cards replaced. The magician then closes the deck and takes out the top card. He throws the top card into the air, and it boomerangs back into the pack, where he catches it. He then spreads the pack to the caught card to show that it landed right in between the spectators' selections.


  1. Spread the deck, have two spectators each choose a card, and tell them to memorize their card.
  2. Tell the spectators that they may also look at each other's card.
  3. When the spectator's are ready, riffle down the side of the deck, and ask one spectator to tell you when to stop.
  4. When the spectator says "Stop!", stop riffling, and split the pack at that location.
  5. Ask both spectators to replace their cards.
  6. Close the deck overtop of their cards, catching a pinky break in between each selection.
  7. Turn over the top card, and throw it face down on the table.
  8. As you draw attention to the card you removed from the deck (say something like, "Now this card I removed is going to help me."), perform a Herrmann pass at the pinky break. Now one spectator's card should be on the top of the deck, and one spectator's card should be on the bottom of the deck.
  9. Hold the deck in your hand, ready to perform a Charlier cut.
  10. Pick up the card you threw on the table, turn it face up, and give it a boomerang toss.
  11. As the card is spinning in the air, begin to secretly perform a Charlier cut in your other hand. The spectators will be focused on the card in the air, so they won't notice a thing.
  12. Do not complete the Charlier cut, but instead, hold it open until the flying card returns to you.
  13. When the flying card approaches you, catch it in the break produced by the Charlier cut, and finish the cut.
  14. The card should be sticking out from the deck a little bit, face up.
  15. Set the deck on the table, and very cleanly, spread the cards to the face up card.
  16. Outjog the card to the left of the face up card and to the right of the face up card.
  17. Turn over the two outjogged cards to show that you successfully split the deck in between their selections.

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