Packet Slap Card Trick

by John Kurlak


The magician takes a small packet of cards from the top of the deck and places them face down on the table. Then, the magician spreads the remaining cards and asks the spectator to select one. The spectator memorizes his card, replaces it, and then shuffles the pack. After the pack has been shuffled, the spectator is instructed to place it on the table as the magician picks up the small packet of cards on the table. The magician shuffles the small packet and then gives it to the spectator to hold. Then, the magician slaps the cards in the spectator's hand, causing him to drop all but one. The spectator turns of the card in his hand to reveal that he is holding the card he selected earlier.


  1. Remove a small packet of about tens cards from the top of the deck, and place them face down on the table.
  2. Spread the remaining cards for the spectator, and ask him to select one and memorize it.
  3. Allow him to replace his card back to the spot where he removed it.
  4. Catch a pinky break above his card as you close the deck.
  5. Control his card to the bottom of the deck with a pass.
  6. Steal his card into your hand with a gambler's cop as you give him the deck with your other hand.
  7. Drop the hand concealing the card to your side.
  8. Ask the spectator to shuffle the deck as you pick up the small packet of cards on the table with your empty hand.
  9. Bring both of your hands together to square the packet, placing the selected card onto the bottom of the small packet.
  10. When the spectator is done shuffling, ask him to set the deck aside.
  11. Perform a false bottom riffle shuffle on the small packet of cards.
  12. Ask the spectator to hold out his hand and touch his index finger to his thumb.
  13. Turn the spectator's hand so that the back of his palm is facing the floor.
  14. Place the packet of cards in your hand in between the spectator's index finger and thumb so that the spectator is pinching the cards along the border of the short side.
  15. Tell the spectator to keep a firm grip on the cards.
  16. Give the cards a medium-forced slap.
  17. If spectator is left with multiple cards in his hand, continue slapping.
  18. Eventually, the spectator should be left with a single card.
  19. If you did everything correctly, it should be the original bottom card of the small packet, which should be his card.
  20. Ask him to turn over the card in his hand.

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