Spectator Lays an Egg Card Trick

by Harry Houdini


The spectator chooses a card, and the deck is shuffled. The magician pulls out three cards from the deck and places them face down on the table. The magician then invites the spectator to touch any of the three cards, making the claim that whatever card the spectator touches will be the spectator's card. The spectator touches a card, and the magician turns it over. It is not the spectator's card! The magician then asks the spectator if either of the two remaining cards are the spectator's. Neither are. The magician then gives the spectator the deck and asks her to find her card. She cannot find her card in the deck. The magician asks the spectator to stand up, and she finds that she is sitting on a card. She turns over the card that she was sitting on, and it is her card!


  1. Before the trick, make sure that you are sitting beside the spectator.
  2. Allow the spectator to choose and memorize a card.
  3. Invite the spectator to replace her card.
  4. Catch a pinky break above the spectator's card, and then control it to the top of the deck any way you know how.
  5. Spread through the cards so that only you can see the faces.
  6. Pull out any three random cards, placing them face down on the table just out of the spectator's reach.
  7. Announce that one of the three cards you put on the table is the spectator's card.
  8. Tell the spectator that you will influence her to touch to the card she originally chose. As you are saying this, palm the top card (the spectator's actual card).
  9. Allow the spectator to touch to whichever card of the three on the table that she wishes.
  10. Whenever the spectator goes to touch a card, she will have to raise up from her seat a little bit. Secretly slide the palmed card underneath her, and get out of there before things get awkward!
  11. Turn over the card the spectator pointed to. It isn't the spectator's card.
  12. Pretend that you made a mistake, and ask the spectator if either of the remaining two cards (which you turn face up) are the spectator's card. Neither will be.
  13. Ask the spectator to find her card in the deck, which you hand to her. She won't find her card.
  14. When the spectator has done searching, ask her to stand up and look at her seat.
  15. When she stands, she will see one card on her seat. Tell her to turn it face up. It will be her card!

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