Ambitious Card Trick


The magician spreads the cards and asks the spectator to select and memorize one. Next, the spectator replaces his card into the center of the deck. The magician then snaps his fingers and turns over the top card. It is the spectator's card. "In case you missed that," the magician says, "I will show you again... this time face up." The magician places the spectator's card face up into the center of the deck. Then, the magician waves his hand over the deck. As the magician's hand passes over the deck, the spectator's card is seen to visually appear on top. Next, the magician takes the card and inserts it face down into the back of the deck. With a waving motion, the card jumps to the top again. Finally, the magician takes the spectator's card and bends it by pushing both short ends towards each other. The magician then places the bent card into the center of the deck and holds the deck up to eye level. With the snap of his fingers, the bent card pops up onto the top of the deck!


  1. Spread the cards, and have the spectator select and memorize one.
  2. Split the deck in half near the middle and ask the spectator to replace his card on the bottom packet.
  3. After the spectator has replaced his card, catch a pinky break above his card as you place the top packet on top of his card.
  4. Perform a Herrmann pass, bringing his card to the top of the deck.
  5. Reveal that the spectator's card jumped to the top of the deck by turning it over.
  6. Now, split the deck in half and place the spectator's card face up into the middle of the deck, catching a pinky break above it.
  7. Again, perform a Herrmann pass, bringing the spectator's card to the top of the deck as you wave your hand over the deck.
  8. Next, perform a Marlo tilt.
  9. Wave your hand, and then perform a double turnover to reveal the spectator's card on top.
  10. For the last part, take both cards face up in your hand and bend them as one card. To bend them, pull the two short edges of the cards towards each other.
  11. Turn over the two bent cards as one and place them face down on top of the deck.
  12. Hold down on the left and right sides of the two cards with your deck hand so that there is no gap between them and the top of the deck.
  13. Slide the top card of deck off with your other hand, and place it on the table.
  14. Cut open the deck, holding the top portion in biddle grip so that you can hide that the top card is bent by pushing down on it.
  15. Place the card on the table face down onto the bottom portion of the deck.
  16. Replace the top packet onto the bottom packet slowly, making it clear that the bent card is going into the center of the deck. Be sure to conceal that the top card of the deck is also bent.
  17. Now hold the deck from below between the middle finger and thumb of your hand, making sure to hold down the top card.
  18. Snap the fingers of your other hand as you subtly release your hold on the top card. It should pop up.
  19. Turn over the top card to reveal that the spectator's card has jumped to the top!

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