Say Stop Card Trick

by John Kurlak


The spectator chooses a card, memorizes it, and places it back into the deck. The magician shuffles the pack and then deals the top four cards of the deck face down onto the table in a row. He then tells the spectator to point her finger straight out. Then, the magician takes hold of the spectator's hand and passes her finger over each card, instructing the her to say, "Stop!" at any time. When the spectator asks the magician to stop, the magician stops moving the spectator's finger and turns over the card under the spectator's finger. It is the spectator's card.


  1. Spread the cards, and let the spectator select one.
  2. Split the deck at the point where the spectator removed the card.
  3. Allow the spectator to replace her card on top of the bottom half of the deck.
  4. Place the top half of the deck on top of the bottom half, catching a pinky break above the spectator's card.
  5. Control the spectator's card to the top of the deck, and perform a false top riffle shuffle, leaving the spectator's card on top.
  6. Deal the spectator's card face down from the top of the deck onto the table.
  7. Deal the next top card face down to the left of the spectator's card.
  8. Deal the next top card face down to the left of the previous card.
  9. Say something like, "I guess we can do one more." This will distract the audience from detecting your next move.
  10. Deal the next top card face down to the right of the spectator's card.
  11. You should now have four cards in a row on the table, with the spectator's card being the third one from your left.
  12. Now tell the spectator to point at the cards with her finger.
  13. Take a hold of the spectator's hand, and slowly guide it over the cards.
  14. Ask the spectator to tell you when to stop.
  15. Move the spectator's hand slowly so that it points to each card on the table, going back and forth as necessary, until she says stop.
  16. When the spectator says stop, tap her finger to the card underneath it and confirm that it is the card she wanted.
  17. Move the spectator's hand away from the cards on the table and let go of it.
  18. If the spectator stopped on the third card from the left, then you can simply turn over the card to reveal that it is the spectator's card.
  19. If the spectator stopped on a card that wasn't the third card from the left, gather up the remaining cards with your other hand, and place them on top of the deck one at a time. Be sure to place the spectator's card (the third card from the left) onto the pack last so that it is the top card of the deck.
  20. Get a pinky break under the top card as you say, "You could have stopped on any card. But you stopped on this one. Now, let me show you something mysterious." As you say this, pick up the card that the spectator stopped on, and place it on top of the deck. Then turn over the top two cards as one to reveal that the spectator stopped on her own card.
  21. Perform the KM Move, and then drop the spectator's card on the table face up.

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